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Dear friends and colleagues,

For La Machinerie as for many organizations, 2020 was a year of dislocation, rethinking, doubt and challenge, but also a year of new dreams. Our wish for everyone in 2021 is that you will be able to pursue your headiest and edgiest dreams, so that art may continue to move us and enchant us.

In that spirit, La Machinerie humbly presents its four promises. We pledge to be:

The Machinerie team has reflected on how to translate these promises into practice in the coming years, building on our shared values. There will be bumps in the road, but we believe that if we listen, respond nimbly and strive to build trust, these commitments can help spark needed change in our community. 

We want to make La Machinerie more accessible to all communities by continuing our transition towards bilingualism, implementing measures to support inclusivity, and most importantly reaching out to members of groups that have suffered exclusion. 

As La Machinerie is, first and foremost, a community of performing arts practitioners, we want to include you in our plans. So let us tell you about our first step. 

Step 1: No more membership fees

We are ending the membership requirement in order to use our services. Our resources will now be readily available, and users will be able to access them quickly and directly.

Current memberships will be honoured until they expire. Members get a discount on the workshops ($30 instead of $40). If you’re not interested in taking a workshop, you can invite a friend to register at the preferential rate. 

If you were planning to renew your membership, you could support us by making a donation instead. Your contribution will help us make our services accessible.

We thank everyone who has helped build La Machinerie by taking out a membership. Your ongoing support made it possible for us to forge this strong community of people helping people. 

On behalf  of the entire La Machinerie team, I wish you an excellent year!


Rachel Billet, Executive Director