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The "Business Plan" tool is a template to be used in the project start-up phase, when setting up an organization, or when embarking on a new strategic direction. It serves to demonstrate to stakeholders (funding bodies, donors, partners, etc.) that you have a viable forward-looking plan.

A business plan is a quantitative and qualitative description of the project creation or development process, including details of the projected objectives, structure and operating methods. Note that not all the sections are mandatory; use the ones that are relevant to your project.

This tool is needed when stakeholders (any person or organization with a direct or indirect impact on your organization and/or project) ask to see a business plan at the beginning of a project or the start-up of an organization. If a business plan is not required, we suggest completing the tool 122 Business Canvas Model, which is a simplified version.

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Stratégie et développement · Vision, strategy and governance
Start-up and Implementation
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