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Project Management: Agile Method Simplified

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The "Project Management: Agile Method Simplified" tool introduces you to the world of Agile for the cultural milieu. The Agile method is an approach for developing and managing projects based on breaking the project down into smaller pieces (incremental), and reviewing and refining at each step in the process (iterative).

Its techniques let you complete added-value projects and activities for your organization while adapting to ever-changing conditions in your environment. It is important to remember that it takes practice and patience to become fluid in this way of working. Please note that a project will comprise many sprints, each of which will have its own dashboard.

The tool needs to be updated on a daily basis. It is meant mainly for the project leader, who will then share it with their team.

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Stratégie et développement · Vision, strategy and governance
Start-up and Implementation
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