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Arts Administration Job Descriptions

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The tool "Arts Administration Job Descriptions" gives a general overview of the typical tasks seen in arts administration roles in the performing arts sector.

The tab "Leadership Roles" describes the positions and tasks typically seen in arts leadership and the tab "Roles by Category of Work" describes tasks in various categories of work in arts administration. The final tab contains a blank table where you can copy and paste the tasks relevant to the job position you are looking to fill, to help you create a list of tasks for a job description. This tool lists the tasks of various positions only. When drafting a job description for the hiring process, other elements such as: required knowledge and skills for the position, salary, terms of employment, physical demands of the job, etc. must also be outlined. For more information on creating a detailed job description, please view the "Job Descriptions" document in the resource section below.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that in arts administration, many of the roles contained in the first two tabs will be combined. The smaller the arts organization, the more likely it is that one person manages many roles throughout the year. In small arts organizations, it is possible that members of the board of directors will carry out some of the tasks contained in the first two tabs. This is what is referred to as a “working board”. If you are creating a role that combines many categories of work, be cognizant of the number of tasks you can assign to one person. Creating a schedule or calendar of tasks becomes essential to ensuring that an employee is not at risk of being overworked.

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