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Organizational Structure Toolkit



The "Organizational Structure Toolkit" helps you to reflect upon your current organizational structure and what you would like it to be, regardless of whether you are an individual artist or the director of a not-for-profit organization (or somewhere in-between).

Included is an infosheet that breaks down the major differences between three different types of organizational structures, those being the sole proprietorship, the not-for-profit organization and the co-operative.The tab "Self-Assessment for Determining your Organizational Structure" serves as a kind of questionnaire for determining which type of organizational structure corresponds most strongly to your present and future needs and objectives.

This tool can be useful when developing the strategic plans of an organization or collective. Lastly, the tab "Development Plan Checklist" is for you to fill out if you have determined that incorporating a not-for-profit organization or constituting a co-operative is right for you, to ensure that you have all that you need to start up this kind of initiative.

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Organizational structure
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