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Coproduction Contract Between Creators



The "Coproduction Contract Between Creators" tool is a basic template for writing a contract between partners, i.e. artistic organizations or artists, who join together to finance, design, produce and present an artistic work.

The contract formalizes the terms of the agreement, establishes the financial arrangements between the partners and identifies the obligations and responsibilities of each party in various areas (e.g.: finances, communications, presentation, artistic decision making, etc.) with a view to successful project implementation. There are several ways to write a coproduction contract. You should therefore adapt the template to each situation. Once signed, the contract governs the contractual relationship between the parties thereto. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the contract reflects the agreement in place. To that end, it is recommended that you consult a legal advisor who is a member of the Quebec bar association. The individuals who sign the agreement must be authorized to do so by resolution of their Board of directors.

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