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Introductory Guide to Grant Writing



The tool "Introductory Guide to Grant Writing" is a guide for those who would like to get started with writing grant applications but are not sure where to begin or who have specific questions regarding certain elements of the grant writing process.

The tool includes the basic components of the average grant application as well as general recommendations for drafting a strong application and what to do after you have received a response from the funding agency.

It is worth noting that this tool includes the basic components and that depending on the application, the actual components required by the funder may vary. This tool is ideal for those who have not yet written a grant or for those who would like to brush-up on their grant writing skills.

Assistance from a grant writer could be helpful. Consult your colleagues, collaborators, peers, and partners as needed as you develop your application. Once you’ve read the grant documentation and any FAQs on the funder’s website, reach out to the program officer in charge of the grant to confirm your eligibility and ask specific questions about your project.

The officer’s contact information will usually be provided within the grant documentation or on the funder’s website, along with guidance about how and when to get in touch.

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