Individual Mapping

As of November 2022, The Machinery is offering a new free service for professionals in the artistic and cultural community in collaboration with Confluence – CV. The Individual Mapping is a short-term approach aimed at equipping individual creators, performers, writers, set designers, stage technicians, production managers and other arts professionals with the tools they need to develop and manage their careers. 

Offered in French or English, this service takes the form of a two-dimensional pathway based on the needs of each participant: The Machinery’s contribution will focus on career management, while Confluence – CV will enhance the service by conducting a more in-depth reflective process on personal needs and aspirations (optional). 

The Individual Mapping includes:

  • an initial meeting with The Machinery, Confluence – CV and a guest resource (1 hour)
  • career management coaching by The Machinery on a pre-established theme or issue (2-3 meetings during 4 consecutive weeks) – details below
  • Individual and confidential follow-up on personal development with Confluence – CV (up to 2 months – optional)


The career management coaching offered by The Machinery focuses on the following themes : 

  • Communication and self-promotion consulting:  
    • Self-promotion of my activities: advice on how to better communicate my practice on social media, on my website, during my oral and written presentations, etc.
    • Showcasing my professional background: writing tips, how to demonstrate my uniqueness in my artistic process, in my CV, my biography, on LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Planning and organizing professional activities: 
    • Organizing my professional life: planning deadlines, professional calendar, setting up a task manager, managing emails, etc.
    • Planning and feasibility of professional activities: structuring and distributing my various mandates / professional commitments to have a coherent global plan (remuneration, work time, etc.)
  • Any other theme related to arts management for which The Machinery has the necessary expertise and tools (to be discussed at the initial meeting)


Depending on the needs of the participants and the targeted theme, the process with the Machinery could include exercises, tools and documentation (resources to consult, roadmap, etc.). Several services are excluded from this program such as: grant application review, creation of self-promotional content, graphic design, etc.



The individual and confidential coaching offered by Confluence – CV could concern : 

  • the need to think about my professional trajectory in a holistic way, by being accompanied by a member of the Confluence – CV team;
  • the need to reflect in a structured way and to make decisions concerning the personal dimension of my practice; 
  • the need to verbalize my doubts or insecurities and to be listened to (possibly regarding my sense of usefulness, competence, overall satisfaction, [re]motivation, etc.).


  •  Individual Mapping is offered free of charge with the support of the Government of Canada → This initiative is intended exclusively for self-employed workers in Quebec and Canada who do not have a legal structure to support their work (e.g.: NPO, OBL, cooperative, etc.) 
  • The service is intended for professionals working in the performing arts at any stage of their career
  • Coaching is available in face-to-face, hybrid or virtual mode, according to the choice of the participants and the availability of The Machinery and Confluence – CV
  • Inclusiveness measures facilitate access to this service in a language other than French or English (see form)
  • Interested individuals must be available for 4 consecutive weeks between November 2022 and the end of March 2023
  • For assistance in completing the form, contact us:


Spaces are limited to 25 participants who will be chosen by random draw.

You have until Sunday, October 23, 11:59pm to register online.

The call is now closed.

A phone call will be made to validate each registration.


Do you know us?

The Machinery is very pleased to partner with Confluence – Créateur de vocations for this initiative, given the great complementarity of our respective expertise. Together, we believe that we can help make a difference for workers in the performing arts who are looking for better ways to reposition themselves after the crisis of the last few years.

The Machinery pools resources, tools and expertise using a diversified, customized and inclusive approach. Through its community, The Machinery consolidates and promotes artistic and cultural aspirations!

Confluence – CV is A non-profit organization focused on the interests of performing artists. It offers a new system of programs designed by and for artists. Through its actions, Confluence – CV aims to support them with sensitivity and efficiency in the reframing of their career trajectory, allowing them to remain in their practice, but also to go as far as professional retraining.