Be a part of the community

At the Machinerie, we believe that it is fundamental that artists be supported in the realization of their artistic projects.

In this sense, our mission is to offer personalized, flexible and responsible arts management services, workshops and support to a community of artists, cultural workers and arts organizations.

For the Machinerie, accessibility and inclusiveness are priorities. In order to ensure a quality follow-up with its members, the Machinerie’s team has set up a complete and personalized login area. Through this virtual space, you will be able to make appointments with our team, access the resources of the Machinerie and much more!

To become part of our support community, we invite you to read the following instructions.

Step 1: Join our community

Never worked with us before? You want to access our resources? First, join our support community with this form. This form allows us to have an overview of your professional profile (artistic discipline, career level, interests) in order to guide us in meeting your needs and to make a collective solution search. You will only need to fill out this introductory document once.

Note: the processing time when sending the form is 15 minutes. Please allow for this waiting time before creating your account!

Step 2: Create an online account

You are now part of our community? It will now be possible for you to create an online account. Once your account is created, you will only need to log in to find all the history of our collaborations, download the tools from our Toolbox or view the human resources mobilized for you.

Note: when creating your account, be sure to use the same email address as the one used for the form.

FAQ-Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the login area?

The connection space is a place dedicated to centralizing the history of your relationship with the Machinerie. You will find the profiles of all the human resources mobilized for your projects, the documents resulting from your accompaniments, as well as the history of the activities you have attended. In addition to this history, you will be able to download the tools from our Toolbox for free.

How do you know if you are already part of the Machinerie's community?

We consider anyone who has received training, coaching or collaborated in any way with a member of the Machinerie’s team to be part of the community. If you have exchanged with us, your contact information will already be in our database and the creation of an account will already be possible!

I just filled out the form and I can't get an account. Why can't I do it?

It takes 15 minutes to process the form that allows you to join our community. The creation of your account will be possible after this delay of synchronization!

How do I get technical assistance?

We realize that there are many steps involved in accessing the services and resources of the Machinerie. That’s why we can help you create an account or log in, just email us at!