The Machinery is an organization dedicated to the performing arts and hybrid practices.

Our mission

At the Machinery, we believe in the strength of a community in which all individual members—whether artists or cultural workers—gain from one another to achieve their full potential from artistic, professional and even human standpoints.


The Machinery connects and establishes collaborative relationships between its members—artists, collectives and organizations—and resources specializing in strategic development, administration, production, communication and distribution. Addressing the needs of the cultural community, it provides customized solutions designed to build independence through unique and innovative opportunities for learning. The Machinery strives to ensure more equitable access to human resources and thus helps improve conditions of practice in the performing arts by pooling and sharing expertise. The Machinery applies collective intelligence processes in its work methods to reflect the diverse ways of operating and to cultivate relevance of management practices.

The Machinery is a recognized not-for-profit social economy organization that pools resources, tools and expertise using a diversified, customized and inclusive approach. Its ultimate goal is to strengthen and showcase home-grown artistic and cultural aspirations!









Our values

➔ We provide close support focusing on human interaction.
➔ We create collaborative associations and break down isolation.
➔ We share and transmit expertise by relying on collective intelligence.
➔ We listen to the needs of artists and managers in the arts community.
➔ We adopt inclusive practices and foster equity.
➔ We offer customized, flexible services that reflect many different realities.
➔ We encourage and promote positive, promising initiatives for the cultural sector.