The Machinerie offers workshops, formations and café-causeries.


The revival of artistic activities seems to be well underway: back in rehearsals, in the studio, on stage, on tour, in the office, etc. After two years of a pandemic that has damaged our work, our relationships and our collaborations: how can we put human relations back at the heart of our practices? How can we take care of each other and ourselves in our work? How do we interact again with our teams and with our environment in general?

In addition to our regular Café-causeries and Expertise Workshops, this fall we are offering a new activity called The Essentials: express trainings (60 minutes) offered online at lunchtime by a guest on a specific subject in arts management. Quick and condensed learning, easy to put on your agenda!

This event is closed

The Essentials: Agreements, Obligations and Responsibilities

with Sophie Préfontaine, lawyer

October 13 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm
virtual event in French
tickets between $10 and $20 

Human relationships are often at the heart of our artistic and cultural practices and projects. Teamwork and collaboration also mean agreements, negotiations, responsibilities, obligations… concepts that can sometimes seem complex.

With The Essentials: Agreements, Obligations and Responsibilities, we invite you to demystify these themes with our guest Sophie Préfontaine, a lawyer who has been working in the arts sector for nearly 20 years. In 60 minutes, she will discuss the essential notions of contract law and share the basic principles of negotiating an agreement.

This event is closed

Café-Causerie : Intimacy Coordination

with Burcu Emeç

November 15 from 8:30 am to 9:30 am
virtual event in English

As part of our series of activities around human relations, we want to continue to reflect on ways to properly accompany and support the people we work with, our collaborators, our teams, etc. 

We therefore invite you to discover with us a profession that we hear more and more about in the television and film industry, but also in the performing arts: that of the intimacy coordinator. What is it? What role(s) does an intimacy coordinator play in fostering a consent-forward artistic project? Who do they work with, talk to, within a team, and what are their responsibilities? 

In the company of Burcu Emeç, a queer intimacy coordinator (IC) and artist in live art and theatre based between Montreal and Toronto, we will talk about this profession and this field of research, which is much broader than we imagine. We will also reflect on its applications in the interdisciplinary performing arts.

An Intimacy Coordinator is a choreographer, an advocate for performers, and a liaison between performers and production for scenes that involve nudity/hyper exposed work, simulated sex acts, and intimate physical contact in tv/film, theatre, and live performance. (definition from IDC Professionals)


This event is closed

The Essentials: The CNESST (health and safety) and me

with Parise Mongrain

November 23 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm
virtual event in French
tickets between $10 and $20 

What happens once a file is accepted by the CNESST? What path does it follow? How many times must I see a doctor? Why am I referred to an expert? When will my file be closed? What is a rehabilitation officer? Why does his or her name appear in my file? etc.

These are some of the questions that may arise when an artist claims from the CNESST following an employment injury. To provide some answers to these questions, we offer you the virtual training course The Essentials: The CNESST (health and safety) and me with Parise Mongrain. In 60 minutes, she will shed light on this process and give us the keys to a better understanding of how to avoid bureaucratic aspects adding to the stress already caused by a work accident or occupational disease. She will also talk about the Safe Maternity Experience Program.


Note: the Machinerie does not refund registration fees if a participant chooses to withdraw.