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At the Machinery, we believe that it is fundamental that artists be supported in the realization of their artistic projects.

In this sense, our mission is to offer personalized, flexible and responsible services, support services and workshops in arts management to a community of artists, cultural workers and arts organizations. In addition to participating in the consolidation of artists’ management practices, the Machinery wants to encourage and promote positive and promising initiatives for the cultural sector.

In concrete terms, we are committed to making the Machinery more accessible to all artistic communities by continuing the transformation towards bilingualism, by participating in the implementation of inclusiveness measures and by reaching out to those who are targeted by equity.


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The Machinery is a non-profit organization that is part of the social economy movement. It mobilizes a professional and citizen community in order to consolidate the cultural ecosystem. Indeed, we wish to emphasize, value and consolidate the precious reciprocity between the members of our community who are both the providers and the recipients of this support. Following the example of this idea of reciprocity with the cultural milieu, we wish to involve the members of our community in the perpetuation of our organization.

The Machinery is able to offer support services and activities at a lower cost due to the financial support of the Arts Councils, partners, but also and especially because of the support and solidarity of its community. By making a donation to the Machinery, you are directly contributing to the development of a professional ecosystem of solidarity.

We would like to sincerely thank all those who support the deployment of the Machinery. Your support, always renewed, allows us to federate this strong community of mutual aid.

Building a dynamic and organic community of collaboration, together.

The Machinery is currently in the process of acquiring its charity number. For the moment, we are not able to issue a charitable receipt for your donation. Thank you for your understanding!