Call to Board Candidacy

The Board of Directors of the Machinery wishes to expand its circle of leaders and welcome new voices into its governance. This idea came about after several reflections around inclusive governance, a desire to break down certain silos, and a desire to make the experience within a board of directors accessible.


Mission of the Machinery

As a non-profit organization, the Machinery pools resources, tools and expertises with a diverse, personalized and inclusive approach. Through its community of practitioners, the Machinery strengthens and expands artistic and cultural aspirations!


Why get involded in the Board of Directors of the Machinery?

You don’t know us yet, but you want to make a difference and get involved in an arts and culture NPO? You have followed us from afar over the past few years and would like to help us get to the heart of our concerns to better fulfill our mandate? Have you been following the Machinery for some time and would like to contribute to its full development?


Regardless of your posture and the relationship between us, candidates must be willing to:

  • commit to the community of practitioners of the Machinery;
  • support the organization’s mandate of resource sharing and expertise;
  • support the strategic deployment of the organization by sharing your ideas, thoughts and vision;
  • adhere to the values of the Machinery towards inclusiveness and accessibility and want to support it in its commitments.


Participating on the Board of Directors of the Machinery allows you to:

  • take a different look at the arts community;
  • share personal knowledge of less visible issues;
  • have some influence on the long-term direction of the organization;
  • learn from other board members with diverse experiences;
    and much more…


What a seat on the Board of the Machinery entails:

  • a volunteer commitment (unpaid);
  • a minimum of four meetings per year;
  • participation in the decisions and orientations of the organization;
  • a contribution to the development of the careers of artists and cultural organizations;
  • participation in one or more working committees, depending on your interests and expertise.


Profile sought

  • artist in the performing arts or other disciplines from the arts community
    cultural worker
  • spectator
  • young professional committed (all sectors)
  • senior professional who wants to share his or her expertise (all sectors)
  • anyone interested in actively contributing to the influence of artists and the living arts

Propose your profile and come exchange with us! Three people will be integrated during the next season.


Interested? We will hold an event to get to know each other.

The Machinery will hold a meeting – in hybrid – on October 13th to get to know you and present the activities, challenges and strategic directions to come. In an intimate format, we will engage in a round table and screen discussion to hear about your interests and motivations to connect with our organization.

Between now and September 30, 2021, you can express your interest in receiving the invitation to this event as well as share with us any existing materials that help us get to know you better (resume, letter, video, website, LinkedIn profile, etc.). Are you late? Contact us anyway!

Based on the principle of complementarity, The Machinery will confirm after the meeting the connections made either as an administrator of the Machinery, as a contributor to working committees or via other implications to be imagined!

Do you have any questions? Contact a member of the current board of directors or Rachel Billet (Executive Director).


Submit your profile

To submit your application, you can fill out this form and share any material that will help us get to know you better (CV, letter, video, website, etc.). We will then invite you to a public meeting where we will present the results of our activities and the challenges to come. A round table discussion will follow to get to know you, your motivations and your contribution to the Machinery.

Strategic vision & values

Arts professionals base their practice on listening to others, being agile and adapting to changing conditions. These qualities position them as essential links to implement the much-needed changes in our sector of activity, the arts and culture.

In this sense, the Machinery believes that inclusiveness and decolonization of management practices are becoming essential. The Machinery wants to question itself by revising its approaches and by humbly participating in the reflection.



The Machinery is…


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