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Bookkeeping and Bank Reconciliation

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The "Bookkeeping and Bank Reconciliation" tool assembles the information you need for bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, and calculating GST/QST remittances.

Bookkeeping is part and parcel of running an organization. It is necessary in order to meet the legal record-keeping requirements and also enables the organization to track its finances, analyze its performance and make decisions. Bank reconciliation is an internal check to make sure your records match the bank's. The purpose is to find the sources of any discrepancies between the balance in your cash book and on your bank statement.

This is a vital central document for an organization and/or a self-employed worker (artist, cultural worker, etc.). You have to make sure the information entered in it is accurate and has been double-checked. Access should be restricted to the appropriate persons. This tool is particularly useful if you don't have any accounting software.

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