À la Carte Services

À la Carte Services are customized, ad hoc support services provided by the Machinerie team to meet the immediate organizational needs of artists and arts companies. They can take various forms.
The Machinerie’s team of seasoned managers have complementary areas of expertise. They are now making their skills available to help build management capacity in the arts community. The Machinerie consultant will work in a spirit of collaboration and experience-sharing to help meet organizational needs.

Examples of À la Carte Services :

  • Strategic consulting and planning
  • Review of grant applications (in English and/or French)
  • Idea development for a communications campaign
  • Project management (web redesign, daily work organization, etc.)


To apply for this service: contact  info@machineriedesarts.ca.

Note that the availability of À la Carte Services is subject to the skills and schedules of the Machinerie team.

Support Unit

Placing the artist at the heart of a performing arts skills cluster, the Machinerie gives the artist access to managers with specific expertise. The support team is made up of both the Machinerie team members and specialized cultural workers.

The goal is to accelerate the development of established or growing artistic companies by mobilizing a cell of managers to respond directly to the artist’s needs. The support is therefore tailored to suit the company’s business models and objectives.

Long-term mobilization of a “tailor-made” team of managers who respond to the needs of artists and their companies. The Machinerie’s involvement evolves according to the company’s deployment cycle in order to act as a lever for the artists.

Here are the four formulas:

  • 360-degree accompaniment to strengthen general management
  • Organizational capacity-building for a small work team
  • Strategic project to work on a specific deployment with the help of a specialized team
  • Flex service for one-time mandates to meet immediate organizational needs

Companies currently supported include : 14 lieux (Martin Messier), AP&A (Andrea Peña), Productions Onishka (Émilie Monnet), Compagnie Katie Ward (Katie Ward)

Companies we have worked with in past years : Coeur Battant (Catherine Vidal), L’homme allumette (Philippe Cyr), Louise Bédard Danse (Louise Bédard), Théâtre de l’Opsis (Luce Pelletier), Un et un font mille (François Grisé)

To know more on how to register to receive this support : info@machineriedesarts.ca

Please note that due to the investment involved in this type of support, the Machinerie examines every program application carefully and cannot guarantee acceptance of new artists.

Collaboration Unit

The Collaboration Unit is a mechanism for connecting applicants with a related resource at the Machinerie in order to establish a collaborative working arrangement for a specific one-time project.

The Machinerie has assembled a pool of more than 150 cultural workers in various occupations with a wide range of specific skills and expertise. The Machinerie’s team handles the arrangements to connect the applying artist with seasoned managers from Quebec’s arts community who are able to fill the organizational need in a spirit of collaboration and experience sharing.

Collaboration Unit examples :

  • Strategic positioning
  • Production marketing tools
  • Chart of accounts and accounting data entry
  • Legal establishment of a business (registration, licence, etc.)

To inquire about this service, write to us at info@machineriedesarts.ca.

Collaboration Unit terms and conditions

Collaboration Unit terms and conditions
The Machinerie will plan a meeting between the applicant and the resource to confirm their interest in working together, set out the nature of the collaboration and provide a framework for the process.
A collaboration agreement is signed jointly by the parties and the Machinerie’s management. It describes the nature of the work to be completed, the goals set collectively and any identified remuneration.
The Machinerie collects a fee from both parties calculated according to the value of the collaboration agreement. The fee is 1% for the applicant and 5% for the resource, with a minimum service charge of $5. Note that the amount is capped at $50 for the applicant and $250 for the resource.
The Machinerie establishes a process of assessing the collaboration in order to guarantee quality of service. Through this process, the Machinerie thus ensures that the work ethic established in the applicant/resource relationship meets our organization’s philosophy and values.