The Machinerie’s Toolbox contains 266 practical and strategic tools designed to improve management of artistic projects and cultural organizations. It provides professional frameworks for planning, organization and simplified management in the area of culture. The purpose of the tools is to improve and facilitate quality of work through templates, guides, outlines and methods for immediate application to specific work situations.

A vast array of guides and theoretical solutions is available. The Machinerie’s project was to develop practical tools built by the people who use them. We therefore worked with experienced managers to compile and compare current work methods.

The results are tools that are versatile, collaborative and informative, but especially simple to use. The Machinerie is aware that there are many different work solutions and these tools are intended to be among the many legitimate options out there.

  • To access and explore the tools, log into our virtual space once you are part of our community. To join it and create your online account, follow these steps.
  • To search for specific tools and contents, consult our online directory.
  • For further information on how to access the Toolbox, please consult our technical guide. Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

The Toolbox is a unifying project that mobilized 10 leading partners in the culture sector, 14 cultural creators/tool developers and five financial partners. The free distribution of the tools is designed to democratize knowledge and foster professional development.


Financial partners: Conseil des arts du Canada, Conseil des arts de Montréal, Caisse de la culture, English-Language Arts Network (ELAN).

Creative content partners: Agence Mickaël Spinnhirny, Culture Montréal, Culture pour tous, École national de théâtre (ENT), English-Language Arts Network (ELAN), Québec numérique, LA SERRE – arts vivants, La Vitrine culturelle de Montréal et Youth Employment Services (YES).

Creative team: Rachel Billet, Morgane De Bellefeuille, Mark Lawes, Jod Léveillé-Bernard, Katherine Lynch, Roxana Pasca, François Richer, Danielle Thibault et Ingrid Vallus.

Toolmakers : Lesley Bramhill, Adrien Bussy, Hélène Couture, Catherine Desjardins-Jolin, Caroline Ferland, Josée Guérette, Benjamin J. Allard, George Krump, Patrick Lloyd Brennan, Amy Macdonald, Joana Neto Costa, Sarah Pinelle, Hanneke Ronken, Lydie Revez, Jovanny Savoie, Olivier Simard-Hanley et Sébastien Turcotte.

Associates:  Analogos | John Detre, Bernadette Blain, Gonzalo Coloma-Rospigliosi, Hanna Sybille Müller et Sophie Préfontaine.

From the left: Josée Guérette, Hanna Sybille Müller, Benjamin J. Allard, Amy Macdonald, Bernadette Blain, Danielle Thibault, George Krump, Hanneke Ronken, Jod Leveille, John Detre, Mark Lawes, Patrick Lloyd Brennan, Adrien Bussy, Lydie Revez, Hélène Couture, Sophie Préfontaine, Joana Neto, Olivier Simard-Hanley